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 Lvl70 Frost Mage

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PostSubject: Lvl70 Frost Mage   Sat Aug 02, 2008 8:56 pm

Character Name - Known as Shirtninja... or at least I'd hope so, it is my characters name after all.

Class - Mage, although God knows why.

Spec. - 12/0/49 Frost. This probably explains it a tad better.

Age - 19 years young.

Previous guilds - Realm of Light pre-TBC. Post-TBC I've been in Forlorn Hope (Sadly just before their demise) and The Revolution

Why are you leaving your current guild? - The guild has no real sense of where it wants to go. Well that and raid leaders spamming me asking if I'm 100% positive I know what I'm doing and then asking what happens at 30% on Magtheridon... /facepalm.

Details of alts, if any (Class, level, Guild name, realm if not Emerald Dream) - Don't run many alts. I've got a 36 Warrior called Johall if that's any use at all?

Raiding experience - Everything up to Naxx Pre TBC and Post TBC Kara, Magtheridons (Post and Pre nerf, BRING BACK CUBE ROTATIONS!) and Gruuls (Not as a tank)

Recommendations or references (if any) - My mum says I'm proper good at WoW. No she doesn't. She doesn't have a clue what happens on the "Magic internet box"

Character link from WOW Armory - See THIS..... again.

Availability for raiding e.g. weeknights or weekends - Available all week in the evening apart from Tuesday and Thursday.

How often online per week - 4-6 hours depending on Coursework.

How do you feel you can contribute to the guild? - The baddest Gnome that the world of Azeroth has ever seen. And apparently I'm rather humorous. Who'd have thunk it?

What are you looking for from the guild? - A guild that has the maturity to not act like a shower of five year olds day in and day out and to have a guild chat I can read without cringing. Apart from that they can still be working through Gnomeregan as far as I'm concerned.

Cheers for having a butchers folks, feel free to ask after me ingame Very Happy.
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PostSubject: Re: Lvl70 Frost Mage   Sun Aug 03, 2008 10:36 am

Approved. Welcome on board. Please whisper Klaatuu, Kiara or Robf ingame for an invitation to the guild.
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Lvl70 Frost Mage
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