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 Please Read Before Applying - Guild Guidelines and Rules of Conduct...

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PostSubject: Please Read Before Applying - Guild Guidelines and Rules of Conduct...   Thu Feb 21, 2008 8:09 am

-x- Guild Rules -x-

  1. When registering with the forums, please set your username to be the same as your main in-game character name. Once you have activated your account using the email sent to whichever address you registered with, please introduce yourself here.

  2. Sugar and Spice is a mature, sociable guild. Above all, it is expected that members treat others with respect, and are courteous and helpful when interacting with other guild members. Racist, sexist and other offensive language and behaviour will not be tolerated.

  3. Application of guild rules and policies will be the responsibility of guild leaders, Kiara and Norkdefender, Assistant Leader Robf, and the designated officers. It is our aim to provide a fair and pleasant environment in which to play the game. Decisions made “in-game” by officers on issues relating to the guild and its members are final, and should be respected and adhered to.

  4. It is not acceptable for members to constantly post requests for boosts in guild chat, or to individual members by whisper.

  5. It is expected that members who receive assistance on a regular basis are also prepared to help out others.

  6. Assistance offered to non-guild alts will be at the discretion of the member offering the boost. Guild members will always take priority. Assistance will not be made available to non-guild members.

  7. Raid loot will be distributed in a fair manner. A raid member is welcome to “need” one item per raid, if their class and specification supports it. If more than one person needs the item, allocation will be decided by rolling. All other items should be allocated by use of the greed function. Members are asked to be sensitive to the needs of other party members: for example, it is not acceptable for a warrior to need or constantly greed cloth items when there are mages, priests and warlocks in the party. Master Looter and Raid Leader decisions are final.

  8. The guild bank is open to all members. All requests for withdrawals of items should be directed to officers. It is expected that anyone regularly withdrawing items and cash from the guild bank should also be regularly depositing as well. Inappropriate requests will be refused, e.g. a level 20 mage requesting a level 60 plate item. Requests will not be approved for any alts not in the guild.
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Please Read Before Applying - Guild Guidelines and Rules of Conduct...
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