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 Application - Priest

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PostSubject: Application - Priest   Sat Aug 16, 2008 4:33 pm



21ish and a handfull of months, or so

Previous guilds
Conclave Of Shadows where i have a few alts

Why are you leaving your current guild?
A week or so they turned it into and social guild and stopped raiding so most members went looking for other guilds, so its to quiet there now.

Details of alts, if any (Class, level, Guild name, realm if not Emerald Dream)
Have an lvl 70 hunter i hardly use and a lvl 70 druid i do some quests with. a few 50/60ish alts i use when things are quiet

Raiding experience
Done kara loads and mag a few times, died plenty in Gruuls Smile

Recommendations or references (if any)
Im afraid i havent got to know anyone in your guild.

Character link from WOW Armory
yes, it doesnt work, im useless Sad

Availability for raiding e.g. weeknights or weekends
Im avail most of the time, i do tend to crave food and sleep at times but im trying to grow passed it

How often online per week
im offline once or twice, oh online, im here every day Smile

How do you feel you can contribute to the guild?
Im always on time for raids and fully potted, i dont mind dying and i stick to the end even tho we die alot.
I might get miffed after and bite someone after, but nothing lethal.

What are you looking for from the guild?
Someone as messed up as me and still sound mature, A sence of humor even tho its not a great one.
Some structure and order is needed, please. Smile
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Application - Priest
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